A personal note…

I would like to say how sorry I am for my lack of posts – My Brother-in-law passed away on the 11th of September and since then life has been very different.

  • In September, my In-laws, my husband and I all took an emergency flight to Oregon and spent 5 days with my brother-in-law’s Wife.  It was the first flight my husband has been on since sometime in the 90’s and it was the first flight we have ever taken together as a couple.  We have been on plenty of trips together but always in a car.


    This was one of our fav places – we stopped here twice while were were there. Family owned and there were very friendly. I even bought a sweatshirt and a new Drink tumbler for work.

  • We have taken a camping trip and have started to plan a few more.  The original plan was to take one every month, BUT with Christmas and new years this month, plus it being abnormally cold in my part of the country this year for some reason – we might have to put off camping in December.  I am hoping that we can get a nice weekend in Jan or Feb but we might not do much till my Birthday weekend in March.  That has always kicked off our camping season anyways back when we were going to the dunes with the quads.  We would always go to the dunes for my Birthday.

    View from the lake while Hubby and his dad were fishing


    This kids is what we call a payphone….


    Here are Dozer and Tuula out camping with us. Dozer has been camping before but this was Tuula’s first camping trip. And yes, that is me in my Doctor Who T.A.R.D.I.S. shirt.

  • I have been making so many gifts for everyone for Christmas this year that I might have yearn burn on a few of my fingers from it.  Just saying – y’all better love my efforts!
  • I still have a bunch of my homemade items from last years bulk Christmas gift making – so I am still gifting those.  And I am looking to add some new items to my list of things I can make.  My husband has made a few requests.  So I have a few things in the works….
  • We got another VW Micro bus – so now we have two – yes that’s right folks – two VW buses in our family.  His and hers’ and I couldn’t be happier.  So when we get it on the road and get to go to shows, I can bring my homemade hippie things with me and sell them out of our hippie bus – and up my hippie game to the next level!
  • And then there was my health, I have had migraines for a long time as you all know by now, but I have been felling worse and worse for a long time now.  I kept telling my Dr’s that something was wrong, but no one was finding anything.  I was cold all the time, tired all the time (and I don’t mean a little tired, I mean fall asleep standing up tired) I have no strength, very weak, no appetite, nausea all the time, but still over wt, heart palpitations, High blood pressure, Botox injections every three months for my migraines were getting to be too expensive…
  • So I am now on new Medication for my migraines – Good bye Botox! On a low Potassium, low sodium, low sugar, no dairy, and low-fat diet (already lost 15lbs since October)So then I found a new PCP because the last one I had after my other dr left the state was a joke – she never made time for pt’s and then refused to refill medications – it was a nightmare.  I had gone to the same clinic since I was a child (and maybe it was the best thing that had happened to me since I was just getting sicker and sicker anyways) and now I have the most amazing Dr – he ordered the most blood work I have ever had in my life – they took 9 vials of blood – yes I said 9 – they tested me for everything included food allergies – and found out my potassium was SCARY high – like where I was close to having to go to the hospital high.  No wonder my poor heart was freaking out.  But here is the kicker – my sodium was also high and those normally cancel each other out.  Yeah this Dr will soon find out much of a puzzle I am.

So – Still here, still getting samples and writing my reviews the best I can – have just been dealing with some depression and I have been keeping myself off the digital world and more in the real world.  And it is nothing off on you guys, I appreciate my readers, I really do, But I have to take care of me, and I have to take care of my family first.  And this has to come second in my life.

I hope you all had a very Merry and blessed Christmas and I hope you have a Joy fulled New Year.  I hope to post more often, but I also hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive me and to be understanding if I take time for myself and my family first and then get to my posting when I can.  Peace, Love and Boxer butts….