A year of posts….

So WordPress has this e-book that has 365 post ideas – I believe that it might be a fun thing to try to do one every day.  Now I might not get to one every day, because like I said I am trying to be present in my life.  BUT, I might be able to write down in my journal, and then post about it later and do one or two at a time depending on their length.  Plus I will still be putting in my reviews, crafts, camping, cooking and life stories in here and there as well.  But I feel like to really connect and share with you guys, I need to dig deep, and I hope that maybe this e-book will help me do that.  And I don’t have to do each and every one – but – its nice to set a goal and attempt to meet it.

So – starting Jan 1st –  I will do my first post from the e-book:

“365 Days of Writing Prompts” A prompt to fire your imagination, each and every day
for a year…

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– The Editors, WordPress.com

I hope you all had a Happy Christmas – and I hope you have a blessed New Years!

The 22nd of Dec was my 4th year anniv of being in Al-anaon.  For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is a recovery group for those of us who love or are close to an alcoholic or an addict.  For me it’s my husband.  He has 4 and a half years of sobriety and I have also been sober for 4 years with him, it was easy for me to give up any and all alcohol, it was nothing but a migraine trigger for me anyways.  I never really drank that much, never could because I had to take care of him.  But I never much cared for it anyways, it made me throw up and gave me a blinding headache before I even really felt a buzz.  So I can’t say I miss it one bit.

I am thankful for AA and Al-anon, for they gave us a safe place to share our feelings, a place that showed us we were not alone.  A place that was full of love, faith, HOPE, guidance, prayers, FRIENDSHIPS and kinship.  They had all been through what we were going through, they had all walked in our shoes at some point, some had even gone a little further or had it a little worse off, or hit there bottom a little lower – we even had some friends die while in the program and it just showed us that sometimes rock bottom for someone was death.

My brother-in-laws death still is something that feels like a bad dream, like we will wake up and he will still be here, but it was his poor choices that took him from us.  HE made those choices and no one could talk him out of them.  I thank God everyday that my husband is still with me, I can be thankful, I can be kind, I can give to others.

But enough about that – I have a whole other blog dedicated to that subject and you can hear all about it there if you like : https://chipinmyheart.wordpress.com/

I am taking the rest of the time off till the 1st when you will get my first post of the new year – till then – Be well, Be blessed, BE YOU!! Wishing Peace, Love and VW’s!