Hello Readers…

Wow, Its been since October 4th of 2016 since I posted anything – and I am so sorry for that! a lot has gone on since then…

  • We moved! That’s right we sold our house and moved finally! That was in Nov
  • I have been having lots of tests done and we have ruled things out but still no idea whats really the cause of my stuff
  • My awesome husband got my 1971 VW bus on the road! I had tears running down my face watching it roll out of the garage under its own power the first time – its been a long 3 years of working on it, but so worth it.
  • I am going to be an Auntie, my lil’ sister told us on mother’s day this year that she is due in Dec! on our mother’s birthday!

I have been winning lots of stuff off the amazon giveaways, and I have been getting lots and lots of samples that I have been slacking on getting on here – I know I have been a very bad blogger, but life got very busy with setting up house and the actual move.  And you guys all know that with my chronic fatigue, chronic pain and migraines…it takes a lot for me just to get up and go to work.  But I had to check in with you guys today, I felt the pull and the need to stop in and say HI!  I have also been doing really well on making and selling some homemade soaps, lotions, lip-balms, lip-gloss…Crochet items and soon I hope to be adding shirts with funny sayings on them.  I don’t make a killing, but just enough to buy more supplies and that keeps me happy.  a little play money and bringing joy to those I make the items for.

I recently made a crochet chicken from a kids movie for a foster agency in my home town that my work commissioned me to make.  It was part of our community outreach.  It brought me such joy to be able to do that.

Got Power? **UPDATE**

So – my husband and I are trying to get our house on the market to sell – hence why I have not been writing as much.  So of course as Murphy’s law has it, our house has tried to kill us yet again.  Last Thursday night while I was running a load of laundry through the dryer and watching a little TV, we lost power to about 80% of the house.  We have the living room, most of our bed room, AC (thank god) and the washer. The dryer wouldn’t run, but the light inside it was still on, strange right!  We quickly ran outside to look at the breakers and couldn’t see anything so we turned them all off and back on – still nothing.  But we did smell something very hot and saw a little smoke when we went to the large main box and flipped all of those as well – still nothing.  So we ran an extension cord to the fridge and turned off all the remaining lights that were not mission critical.

I then began the frustrating task of looking up electricians on google and calling them at 8:30pm.  After about 50 calls at about 10pm at night, I gave up and went to bed.  I started again in the morning by using a service called Networx where you give them your zip code and what you need help with.  They fax/email it to companies and then the companies call you.  You get an email with the list of who they sent the information to as well.  A few companies that I had left voice mails with called me back, but mostly no one was willing to help me or unable to help me in a timely manner.  Giving me a 4 hour window almost 24hrs after I called you is not what I call service – but I digress.

So I get a call from a very nice man who worked for a father and son local company…I like the local small shops – they are my kind of peeps.  So I told him what had happened and he said he would check on the schedule and call me back.  I had already heard this about 20 times with no follow through, but I gave the guy some faith.  In a matter of about 10 mins he called me back and said he had moved some things around and would have a guy out to me by 10 am (2 hours from time of call) AMAZING!  I told him how much I appreciated it. Their tech was there a few mins early even, I told him what had happened and he instantly had an idea of what the issue was.

So off to the main panel he went with all of his testers.  A few mins later, the remaining power went out (but I still had AC, it was well over 105F where I live that day) He knocked on the door and let me know that he had found the issue, he took me out to the panel to show me.  One of our large breakers (that I found out wasn’t even the correct one for that panel) had began to eat itself.  It had gotten very hot and had started to sizzle and melt.  Fun times right!


It appears that back in like 2007 when we had a bolt of lightning hit our house it had taken out that same breaker, the repair that had been done was more of a temporary fix since they used an incorrect breaker and it had reached the end of its life.  The tech who was now standing at our power box told me that he would go and try to find the correct breaker for our unit, since it was an older box it might take he a little while, but since I still had AC I was OK.  I just had to make sure I stayed out of the fridge.  He took off and was back in about an hour with the correct part.  I turned off everything I could inside the house and we flipped all the smaller breakers off.  He replaced the breaker, and we slowly started to switch everything back on and he tested all of the breakers for me.  We then went inside and he checked the dryer and all the other outlets in the house.  Everything looked good.

He went out to his truck to write up the bill, he then came inside and like a little kid with a bad report card, told me the bill was a little high.  I sighed to myself, I knew this was coming.  I already had my check book out ready to cry.  He then told me the bill was only a little over $200 and that he had given me a discount for being an Angie’s list member.  SCORE!  That was not near as bad as I was expecting.  I told him I had already planned on about $500 – and he said NONONO…..    So I will be using them again you can be sure of that!

To all the other companies who didn’t bother to return my calls – or waited almost 2 days to call me back – BOOOOO!  Good customer service is my #1 requirement.  At least call me back, I left a lot of voice mails, all of which were me on the verge of frustrated tears because no one seems to care anymore.  All except one company – who I have already referred two other people to AND posted them up on my FB page.  Bravo!!

**Update** 12/20/15 I received a Christmas type postcard from the company who did all the repair work on our house with a coupon code for future work that is good till like April of 2016!!  Can I just say again – AMAZING JOB!