Hello Readers…

Wow, Its been since October 4th of 2016 since I posted anything – and I am so sorry for that! a lot has gone on since then…

  • We moved! That’s right we sold our house and moved finally! That was in Nov
  • I have been having lots of tests done and we have ruled things out but still no idea whats really the cause of my stuff
  • My awesome husband got my 1971 VW bus on the road! I had tears running down my face watching it roll out of the garage under its own power the first time – its been a long 3 years of working on it, but so worth it.
  • I am going to be an Auntie, my lil’ sister told us on mother’s day this year that she is due in Dec! on our mother’s birthday!

I have been winning lots of stuff off the amazon giveaways, and I have been getting lots and lots of samples that I have been slacking on getting on here – I know I have been a very bad blogger, but life got very busy with setting up house and the actual move.  And you guys all know that with my chronic fatigue, chronic pain and migraines…it takes a lot for me just to get up and go to work.  But I had to check in with you guys today, I felt the pull and the need to stop in and say HI!  I have also been doing really well on making and selling some homemade soaps, lotions, lip-balms, lip-gloss…Crochet items and soon I hope to be adding shirts with funny sayings on them.  I don’t make a killing, but just enough to buy more supplies and that keeps me happy.  a little play money and bringing joy to those I make the items for.

I recently made a crochet chicken from a kids movie for a foster agency in my home town that my work commissioned me to make.  It was part of our community outreach.  It brought me such joy to be able to do that.

Crock Pot Lasagna


Sunday I made Crock Pot Lasagna  per my husband’s request.  I used ground chicken and not beef, we don’t eat pork or beef.  It cam out amazing!  He is not one to eat much tomato based foods because they mess with his stomach really bad, but he wanted to try it with the red sauce.  Next time I might try to do a white lasagna, so it doesn’t bother his stomach so much.  I got a little bit of a late start on it so it wasn’t done till just after 7pm.  It was supposed to go for another half hours, but I checked the noodles and they had cooked all the way – so we took it off the heat.

I placed the noodles in the crock pot a little different that it described in the recipe – because they really didn’t explain how to do it: (I forgot to take a picture as I was doing it so I found this one that shows what I had done as well:

CaptureI added the noodles in one direction for the first layer, and then the other direction for the second layer, and then back to the first diction for the 3rd layer.  Seemed the right way to do it to me – but I never made one before so I was winging it a tad bit.  Now if I was making this just for me, I would have loved to add spinach and/or black olives.  But hubby is not a fan of either of those so I kept it very simple.

The first slice wasn’t very pretty when I pulled it out – but the rest served up nicely.


Follow up to potato soup…

It was so good – Very creamy and hearty.  It was a rather cold and dreary new years here in Arizona.  We welcomed in the new year with snow – that is a rare thing to happen where I live.  So a good hearty soup was very welcomed.  wpid-20150101_065120.jpg I believe the next time I make it I might add some turkey sausage to it, and then maybe some fresh-cut up potato as well – about half way through the cooking process.  That way they are firm – not that the fact the hash-browns became creamy mashed potatoes was a bad thing – but it would be nice to have more potato cubes in the mix as well.

Next on the slow-cooker menu will be lasagna this weekend, bought all the ingredients last night at the store.  Will post the recipe and pictures of it all then, so keep an eye out for that on Sunday.

Easy Crock Pot Potato Soup



I making this for dinner tonight per my husband’s request. I have this whole week off so it was perfect time to bust out the new slow cooker. My husband’s aunt posted this potato soup on Facebook,  and he asked if we could break it in with some soup.


I now have a sage green kitchen, so everything is slowly starting to go green as well…lol.  Last year I got all new pots and pans – this year was the slow cooker.


This is what the soup looked to start with and I will post an update when it’s all done and what our opinion is.  The only item I changed was I used turkey bacon bits due to us not eating pork.

Homemade Christmas 2014

I let my inner hippie come out this Christmas. I decided that I was going to make most of what I am giving this year.  I did buy a little something for family and a few friends – this year has been harder on us financially – but we are getting back on track.

But wait – isn’t closeness and love what this holiday season is all about!  I am more excited to hand out my homemade items than I am to receive store-bought items in return.  My excitement is coming from seeing them light up when they realize it’s all natural and all good ingredients.  The only thing that is not natural is the flavor powder I used to add both color and flavor to the products.

I had to wait till after Christmas to share this post due to not wanting to ruin the surprise for any members of my close group who might just happen to read this article.  🙂 I made Beeswax and coconut oil Lip Balm, Coconut oil and UN-petroleum Jelly Lip Gloss (in tubes and jars) Coconut and Vit E lotion (the bottles were a MAJOR pain in the you know what, so next year it will be in jars) I bought most of the items on Amazon.com – but found out I can get the coconut oil and the Vit E oil cheaper at local stores.

Here are some action shots of it all going together:


Lotion in its very liquid state – coconut oil, Vit E oil and a touch of water


Took over my kitchen for a few days – Beeswax, bottles and Jars, flavor powders, Vit E & D oils – Shae Butter – Hand mixer (yes it looks like a cow) measuring spoons, sharpie for labels, coconut oil and other various items


Got this white boxes to store them all in till they went into the Mason Jars or to store the extras in till I either sell them or get requests for more. got this on Amazon.com Top Left is the little tubes for lip gloss.


I placed all the items along with other personal items for family and close friend’s – a few peeps are getting items in gift bags.  I know what you are thingking – I know two of them say “mom” One is for my mom and is for mom-in-law.


Homemade Coconut oil Lotion in bottle with personally made stickers – yeah cause I am that cool! and Homemade Raspberry Lip Gloss – also with Bad Ass sticker.


This is a poem I found with a pintrest link on how to make the flavored lip gloss – I thought it was so cute – so I modified it a bit and hand wrote them to include with each set of gifts.

Most of the inspiration for these came from Pintrest – oh the wondrous time suck – I love pintrest. Here is my borad: