Thus Endeth The Radio Silence….

So – my radio silence has been for a few reasons, #1 reason has been I have been one busy person!  After that the reasons involve health and life in general.

  • my potassium levels have gone up despite being on a restricted diet – means I retest in June and see where we stand.  Will also be tested for diabetes at that time.
  • Migraines have been so-so.  Getting adjusted to new medication and used to weather changes while on new medication.  This will be the first monsoon season I get to experience on this perticular medication.  Last year was the first for the botox so I am used to trying new medications during our rainy seasons.
  • trying to loose weight still is proving to be difficult.  As to that I have very bad fatigue and am very weak I really am having a hard time getting up and moving.  Plus its now 100+ outside – so YUCK!

We have been going camping about once a month here lately and its been amazing…I really have enjoyed the time with my husband, my in-laws and our fur kids.  The men did manage to even catch one small fish, that thye let go so he could grow up to become a bigger fish – but most of the time its just father son boding while “feeding the fish” as they have started to call it.  Alas I have yet to get them to take the gopro with them so I have yet to see any of their antics on video yet – but the stories they come back to camp with are very entertaining.

So I am looking forward to getting back to my writing, my sampling and my sharing with you all.  I have some things to write about so keep an eye out for some reviews to pop up here shortly…The next sample day is Tuesday the 14th at 12pm ET –  for those of you who have not signed up yet I highly recommend that you high tail it over there and go do that since you have some time left to do so.

I have received some tea samples that are super yummy and I will be sharing that with y’all along with a discount code and where to go order it on your own – they are an amazing company who know a thing or two when it comes to customer service so a big kudos to them.  I ordered a new tea pot just to brew the loose tea in because its so pretty as it brews – I know I am sucker for that kinda stuff, what can I say.  But I got it on sale with one day shipping on Amazon!  🙂

I will share with you as well as soon as I get new on my heath my dear readers, and I love hearing your words of encouragement and support as I go through all these times of uncertainty and change in my health and our lives.  I look forward to our next chance to share and I always look forward to hearing from you, my faithful readers.

Peace, Love and Boxer Butts!


Our Lake Getaway…1st of 2016

Our first lake trip of 2016 was a much-needed family trip.  Our last one was in November, and it was a little too hectic around the holidays to do one in December.  But we already have our February trip booked to our favorite lake, going back to the one we were at in November.  And we have a trip planed to the dunes in March for mine and my mother-in-law’s birthdays.

We got to Roper Lake nice and early Friday morning and I was able to drink my coffee with an amazing view:

20160115_113903.jpgAfter we got everything set up, the boys (my husband and my father-in-law) played with their RC trucks a bit and then was time to make some lunch.


Tuula looking out at the lake

In the evening the wind and the cold picked up – so we retreated indoors and cooked some burgers in a pan and fired up the heaters in the RV’s.  It started to rain a bit, but nothing bad.  After dinner the rain had stopped and it was a clear star filled night sky.  But it was very cold and with damp fire wood there would be no camp fire, so again we retreated indoors and called it a night.

The next day was a bit warmer and the sticky ground made for some interesting RC truck aerobatics. Sadly my father-in-law suffered some technical difficulties and his RC truck broke.  But they were able to have some fun and some of our fellow winter campers enjoyed watching their antics.  We left the fur kids in the trailer while this was going on because the RC cars scared them.  But as soon as they were all put away we took them for a walk, they were getting a little stir crazy.




We went on a 2 mile walk around the park and looked at all of the different spots to see where want to camp next time or if the spots where we currently are were ever taken.  We always need to have a back up plan, because next month when we go to our favorite lake, our double spot that we like, is already taken.  It’s a family spot where we can part together and the RV’s are door-to-door.  So my in-laws have back up spots that they have stayed in before, and that is what we went with.

The boys did some fishing while we were there but sadly they didn’t even get one bite.  They did however lose a fishing bobber off my father-in-law’s line – and then spent 20 minutes using my husband’s line to retrieve it.  Oh how I wish they had taken the GoPro with them and got that on film.  And let me tell you – they WILL be taking it with them fishing the next time we go camping and will be making their own fishing show.  I don’t care if they catch a damn thing – I think it will be a hoot!

When it rained Friday night it also snowed up on the mountain close to the lake – so at sunset Saturday night it provided an awesome backdrop for our BBQ’ing.




Sunday morning was very hard for all of us to get out of bed – mostly because none of us wanted to leave – and second because before dinner Saturday night we took the dogs on another one mile walk and with a three mile total for the day, they slept all night – almost unheard of with our two kids.  We were not in a hurry to leave the park either, and planned on heading out at around 10am.  So at about 7am when Hubby and I woke up, we snuggled back down and just enjoyed the quiet time.

20160117_074615.jpgWe got up and made it over to the in-laws RV for some breakfast and made a game plan for the trip home.  We all had to stop for fuel and they wanted to get a bite to eat.  Hubby and I couldn’t go in anywhere because of the dogs, so they were just gonna grab something quick while we fueled up.  So we all packed up and made our way out of the park.


Till next time.

Wishing you Peace, Love and Boxer Butts!