About Me

Hello there…. I am a 30-something year old geeky girl living in the desert, we have fur-babies named Dozer, and Tuula (Dozer Days) and own several VW’s. I am an IT Computer Tech and I am on the tech support team for a Radiology Firm, I am married to an awesome mechanic, and Dozer and Tuula are our loving bouncy Boxers.

I love all kinds of geekery things – from Star Wars and Doctor Who to Big Bang Theory and electronic gadgets.  I also have what my husband likes to call “Hippie Tendencies”  because I make a lot of homemade natural beauty products that I either give as gifts, or just make for myself.  I am not an over the top “everything has to be organic” person – but I do like to know what is in the products that go in or on my body.  I have a number of health issues that I am trying to get a handle on, one of which is Chronic Migraines – they can almost cripple me sometimes.  I have been known to miss several days of activity due to an attack.  Thanks to some new treatments – life is almost normal for me again.

Dozer, my husband and myself all suffer from food allergies – so I am always on the lookout for safe foods for us.  Another reason behind my “homemade” movement.  If I can get a better handle on the ingredients in what we eat, I can better keep an eye out for what ails us.

I hope you stick around and check out what it is I have to ramble about.  It might be a review of a product – it could be a rant about some jerk in traffic that morning.  I am not sure yet where this wacky ride will take us.


psst…beware that if I happen to watch the movie Julie and Julia I go on a tad bit of a blogging splurge.  Just a heads up 😉


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