Deleting My Posts

So – For Some reason WordPress felt the need to delete one of my posts without my knowledge.  I wonder how many other times the has occurred.  I have head of this from other writers and though there is no way that this can happen, they must be exaggerating.  I apologize to you now.  So very, very sorry and I am truly considering a move from Worpress now. But that would involve moving all 5 of my blogs to a new platform and I am not sure I really want to do that at this time.  I was just starting to get into the groove of writing again and you go and slap my in the face like this.

I can’t even at this point.  I am not in the mood to write a post ranting about it.  I feel broken and hurt.  So if my 3 posts about the amazing tea manage to stay up for more than a moment – then please stay tuned for some more exciting tid bits about Wild Foods Co and their amazing yummy teas.

Peace, Love, Boxer butts!

– GeekyHippieGirl-



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